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These are my #carcamping shopping list recommendations to get you on the road.

Many of you asked what I use for car camping. I've created this page to help you.

Everything that I have linked I like and I use. I do not have any brand deals with these products. I researched all of these products and paid for everything out of my own my pocket.

“Enjoy your time on the road and most importantly you do not need everything to be perfect. I'm happy with what I have. There might be better and there might be worse products out there, but if I got stuck in my head finding perfection I wouldn't go anywhere.”

This portable power station was my most expensive purchase, but this is also what allows car camping to be so easy. I am able to charge/run everything (phones, computers, heating blanket, mini fridge, lights, etc).

I did not buy the solar panels because I have not been in one location long enough to run down this battery. It charges while driving your car or you can plug it in at your next location with electricity.

This water dispenser has been one of my favorite purchases. It makes life so easy. Those big jugs are hard to always lift and pour, so now I have a lot of water and it's simple to get to.

  1. My priority was having a water container that had both holes on top. No leaking. Easily accessible to fill with water without removing from footwell. Also, I prefer clear so I can see the water level.

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